Motivational manifesto

Me, trying to remember what I'm working for. Discovering this: Imagine how wonderful it all could be!┬áRemember the moments of bliss you've had - imagine what an immense feeling that was, being light, spreading light, like every one of your cells tingling with goodwill.┬áThis feeling that is too big just for you small human, when … Continue reading Motivational manifesto


DEUTSCH: Effektiver Altruismus auf den zweiten Blick

For those who don't understand German: I'm planning (and hoping!) to write an English post about Effective Altruism soon, especially about the problems I (still!) have with it and the things I nevertheless agree with in there. But seen that there's lots of English material out there already, I encourage you to look for yourselves … Continue reading DEUTSCH: Effektiver Altruismus auf den zweiten Blick