The stories we make up about ourselves

What storytelling has to do with our own need for identity and narrative.


The bookshop as remedy

I have been spending a lot of time at Blackwell's, recently. The bookshop as remedy, reading as a cure for the ailments of the mind. This accompanied by a desire to touch, smell, and possess books, which doesn't mean that borrowing books off friends is unattractive, but, still, not quite the same. My kindle rests, … Continue reading The bookshop as remedy

Why are we failing at long-term (catastrophic) risk-assessment?

I've noticed being confused about this, but luckily I now have blogging as a go-to tool to deal with confusions. I feel like, overall, there are two types of reason that people cite when they say that we can't predict long-term catastrophic risks. One is confined to the methods we are currently using  and goes … Continue reading Why are we failing at long-term (catastrophic) risk-assessment?