Motivational manifesto

Me, trying to remember what I'm working for. Discovering this: Imagine how wonderful it all could be! Remember the moments of bliss you've had - imagine what an immense feeling that was, being light, spreading light, like every one of your cells tingling with goodwill. This feeling that is too big just for you small human, when … Continue reading Motivational manifesto


The Mechanics of Happiness

I haven't written about my last few days in Thailand, let alone any of the last month. I mean, I was busy having fun and stuff, but that's not the reason I haven't updated my blog. The reason is that in those last days travelling by myself, I went through a mental shift that I'm … Continue reading The Mechanics of Happiness

Noticing confusion: India? Again?

This is what I'm listening to while writing: I noticed that I'm confused. Wait? I'll be in Delhi this Thursday? People had been asking whether I was planning on travelling ("now that you're not doing anything, really"). I wasn't. Now it's happening anyway. I was preoccupied installing myself in Berlin, which has worked pretty … Continue reading Noticing confusion: India? Again?

DEUTSCH: Effektiver Altruismus auf den zweiten Blick

For those who don't understand German: I'm planning (and hoping!) to write an English post about Effective Altruism soon, especially about the problems I (still!) have with it and the things I nevertheless agree with in there. But seen that there's lots of English material out there already, I encourage you to look for yourselves … Continue reading DEUTSCH: Effektiver Altruismus auf den zweiten Blick