How it began (maybe).

With University having kicked in, I probably (realistically) won’t write anything much anytime soon. And even if there’s lots of stuff to talk about (my first time coaching Parkour, and my four Couchsurfing guests last month, for example), it’s not the same as travel storytelling.

I’ll use the chance to return to the origins of “Bitchhiking”, that article I wrote on my journey hitchhiking non-stop from Morocco to Germany.

Those who haven’t read it through Facebook (or fancy a re-read), here goes.

We should be able to retell stories (as opposed to always expecting new output) and look at them in the light of recent experience. If anything, I am more convinced of the need to spread trust, even by what some people might regard as reckless methods.

Anyway, instead of reading my waffles, I suggest you watch this video by Inna Modja instead. And her other videos. I just read about her as “representing the self-conception of a new generation of migrants”. Make of that what you want. Her feminist rap in Fula (a language spoken in around 20 West and Central African countries) is also pretty cool.



Playlist: Ramblin’ Man and remembering the ocean…

Summer is nearing its end, but there’s no reason not to reminisce with some great travel-songs. Featured today: Moriarty and Boulevard des Airs – they have in common that both started off in France, although one of them sings English-language folky-stuff, while the other does classic French-style mix-up-stuff (hmm, never was good at describing music)

Have fun!

Boulevard des Airs: Emmène-moi


“J’suis comme un grain de sable

Perdu dans l’océan

J’ai perdu mon cartable

J’ai perdu mes parents

Emmène-moi voir la mer

Fais-moi boire l’océan

Emmène-moi dans les airs

Aime-moi dans le vent”

Here‘s also a version with English subtitles and the full lyrics. Enjoyy.


Moriarty: Ramblin’ Man

Hear the clip here (it’s so edgy you can’t even find it on YouTube).

“I can settle down and be doin’ just fine

‘Til I hear an old train rollin’ down the line

Then I hurry up home and pack

And If I didn’t go, I believe I’d blow my stack


Oh, I love you baby but you gotta understand

When the Lord made me, He made a ramblin’ man”

… Read the full lyrics here.