Motivational manifesto

Me, trying to remember what I’m working for. Discovering this:

Imagine how wonderful it all could be! Remember the moments of bliss you’ve had – imagine what an immense feeling that was, being light, spreading light, like every one of your cells tingling with goodwill. This feeling that is too big just for you small human, when you feel like you need to hug every person, every random one in the street, to make them all shine like you, to share your joy. And now imagine: imagine this feeling, that already, contained as it is within you, feels larger than life – imagine it multiplied by billions, or whatever insanely large number it could be.

You cannot imagine, I know.

Well, take this incredulity, and say: “What? This is really how good it could be?” I know – this sounds too good to ever become true. But even at your most realistic (or pessimistic, even), you know that it is possible for this potential happy world to become an actual one. You have learnt about how possibility works. You have also learnt about probability: You believe that the chances of this joy-abounding futur coming about are small, tiny even.

But you can feel, deep down in your guts, an anticipation, and a longing. This is how you know that this is the most meaningful of all tiny chances. It is one for which it is worth to keep going.

Hold on to that feeling. Remember the tingling of joy (and don’t you dare drowning it in guilt!). Get up now, with a fresh heart and joyful mind, and start working towards a future in which all beings can be happy.


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