Playlist: Ramblin’ Man and remembering the ocean…

Summer is nearing its end, but there’s no reason not to reminisce with some great travel-songs. Featured today: Moriarty and Boulevard des Airs – they have in common that both started off in France, although one of them sings English-language folky-stuff, while the other does classic French-style mix-up-stuff (hmm, never was good at describing music)

Have fun!

Boulevard des Airs: Emmène-moi


“J’suis comme un grain de sable

Perdu dans l’océan

J’ai perdu mon cartable

J’ai perdu mes parents

Emmène-moi voir la mer

Fais-moi boire l’océan

Emmène-moi dans les airs

Aime-moi dans le vent”

Here‘s also a version with English subtitles and the full lyrics. Enjoyy.


Moriarty: Ramblin’ Man

Hear the clip here (it’s so edgy you can’t even find it on YouTube).

“I can settle down and be doin’ just fine

‘Til I hear an old train rollin’ down the line

Then I hurry up home and pack

And If I didn’t go, I believe I’d blow my stack


Oh, I love you baby but you gotta understand

When the Lord made me, He made a ramblin’ man”

… Read the full lyrics here.